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Some questions about possible reinfestation

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  1. hatshepsut

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Aug 28 2011 10:53:27

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    Hi everyone,
    It's been a while since I've had to read these forums. First some background: we had a relatively mild infestation exactly 3 years ago (September 2008). The entire 4-unit building was treated, and after about 6 weeks, the bites were gone. After 6 months, we felt confident they were gone. I kept many items sealed up for over 18 months, but we otherwise began living normally again.

    We moved to a new apartment last January. About a week or so ago, my husband and I each noticed a few bites on our legs. We now have a baby, and so we immediately inspected (didn't find anything), and called in a bug-sniffing dog, who alerted us to BBs on the couch. It made sense, given where we were being bit. The dog handler (and I) inspected the couch, but didn't find any evidence.

    We went ahead and started treating anyway.

    I found a few tiny bugs which may be nymphs, but didn't look like they had fed. They weren't obviously bedbugs, but weren't obviously NOT, either. Hard to tell. Maybe book lice?

    Anyway, we are getting small bites here and there, but they seem to go away pretty quickly, and are not as big or as intensely itchy as last time. I'm not sure what I'm asking here, but just looking for some insight from experts. Does it make sense that our new bites would be so different from the old ones?

    Also-- my husband woke up with a new bite today. We had scheduled for the PCO to come after 2 weeks for the second treatment. Should he come sooner?

    Any other advice or commiseration helpful.

  2. CurrentlyPrego

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Aug 29 2011 23:01:04

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    Holy crap. Except for the finding of unidentified bugs, this is exactly what my family is going through. We even have a new baby.

    In the past, I've had crazy bite reactions and just recently I've been getting bites that flare for a few hours or a day at most and then are gone, not the month long blistery ordeals that I had with confirmed bed bugs. If anyone has any insights into the different bite situation (I know, I know, the bites aren't an exact science), I'd like to hear them.

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