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some caulking questions

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  1. goawaybugs

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Thu May 21 2009 23:59:53

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    I've been thinking of caulking as a preventative measure, and am wondering if there is any downside to this. Would I be making it harder in case treatment is ever needed? Could it lead to mold in the walls? If the caulking job is incomplete (there are some heavy pieces of furniture I can't move, and big holes where lots of wires come up that I'm afraid to fill up), is it still worth it to caulk? I would not, for various reasons, be using DE.

    Also, how do I seal outlets, including unused cable TV and phone jacks?

    Do I need to wear a face mask and goggles while caulking?

    I've been reading the many helpful caulking posts (thanks spideyjg and KQ!) but wanted to check these points.

  2. Winston O. Buggy

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Fri May 22 2009 13:49:39

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    If you are "caulking" you want to be sure to use a sealant and not just caulk. (Gee I hope this is not too late) The important part about sealant is it's elasticity so that it expands and contracts along with the structure thus preventing gaps now and in the future. As far as safety guidelines, read the information supplied with the product, and its always a good idea to leave windows open.

  3. daretolive2

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Fri May 22 2009 14:06:56

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    Dear Goawaybugs,

    My apartment was treated, twice, that was two years ago now. And after that experience, I personally, hand caulked the entire perimeter of my bedroom, including the decorative wall-frame woodwork, and of course around the door. I live in an apartment. So, I think my efforts were mainly therapeutic, as far as the bbs go. Because, here I am two years later, and still facing signs and symptoms of bbs, though not as extreme as it was before.

    So, I don't think caulking is the total answer. But it certainly is a good household practice- if only for aesthetics, and who weather proofing. And it may be different if you live in a house, or a nice new house. But, while I am no expert like the others here, I think that efforts concerning re-infestation are just as important. (Like, no one is allowed in the apartment until they take their shows off.)

    Well, just wanted to give you a view from my experience. I am sure that with some good information and support from knowledgable people here, your bb problem should be "put to rest"!

    Good luck,
    Dare TO live 2

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