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soaps/detergents contact killers list

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  1. Grateful for Help

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Jan 15 2011 17:57:03

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    Hey all!
    SO, I have been reading to find a list of contact killers, since Cilecto kindly pointed out to me that 91% alcohol isn't the only one, and I can't seem to find a list...

    Anyone have favorites? What makes them a contact killing substance? (ingredients? the fact that there's a soap?)

    How about natural cleaners like Dr. Bronner's soap,
    or Meyer's clean Day?

    There seems to be debate on Murphy's oil, whether it's the dilutable stuff, or the spray stuff and what ingredient makes it efficacious.

    I'm looking for it for something to mop the floor before putting down a clean sheet and (QUICKLY) folding laundry to put in bags,
    and for spraying a patch in front of the door (and the bottoms of my shoes/feet as I leave the house, newly clad in fresh-from-ziploc stuff, including ziploc-ed shoes). I am doing my best to not spread these to anyone.

    -Grateful for Help

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