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So frustrated! Baby with bed bug bites

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Sep 13 2018 14:51:57

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    We recently brought home bed bugs from a hotel unbeknown to us . I had a strong reaction to them and was bitten all over but I didn’t know they were from bed bugs. When we got home one afternoon my 3 month old was napping in our bed. I came in and noticed a big red welt on her forehead. I looked around and saw a bed bug crawling away. Anyway we recently had our first treatment 2 days previous and my daughter often will wake up and I’ll inspect her for bites. No bites. Within minutes of being awake with me bites will suddenly appear usually on her legs. Although she did have an instant reaction, could these other phantom bites be flare ups or something else completely? It often has a white raised bump with bright red blotch around. Could it be delayed reaction. Is it normal to still be bit in your bed after first treatment? No other evidence since treatment. I feel frustrated and hopeless!
    Edit to add: I come in the room every 10 minutes when she is napping and no sign of bites or bugs. Bites just seem to randomly come now. Before bringing home bed bugs she’s never had these welts or bites

    Bite pic

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