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So confused. Delayed Reaction? Infested?? Help!

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  1. cctejeda

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Aug 29 2012 4:49:29

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    Hello, I have been following these forums for the last couple of weeks since our unfortunate encounter with bed bugs.

    We went camping in a cabin a couple weekends ago. I woke up feeling creepy-crawly, ignored it for a little while, thinking it was in my head. Then, I turned on the light from my phone, and saw them...around 100 of them, covering the wall, mattress, and me. I stripped the bed, shook off, and stupidly, without thinking, went to the car to get out of the cabin.
    The next morning, after alerting management and getting a refund, we bagged up our linens, clothing, bags, etc, and stopped at the laundromat before coming home. Upon coming home, we stripped in the laundry room, put our clothes in the wash, and straight into the shower.

    At first, my husband ( who was in a different bed ) and daughter (also in a different bed) didn't show any signs of being bitten. I, on the other hand, had around 200 bites by the end of the night, and by the next day, around 400 had appeared. I was covered, and miserable. My husband showed a few small bites and spots along his shoulders and back about 4 days later, and my daughter broke out after 7 days.

    I've been a paranoid mess, to where I went to the doctor and got an anti anxiety medication just so I can sleep at night. We had Terminex come out and inspect (he really just looked at the mattresses and under) and he said we looked fine.

    yesterday my husband noticed some of his bites that were almost completely healed "reactivated" after a sweaty day at work. This morning, however, he is covered with swollen itchy welts all over.
    I haven't had any new bites since the first incident.

    Does this sound like a delayed reaction in him? Or do you think we have a serious problem? I feel like with all the precautions we took, an infestation large enough to give him such a large reaction is unlikely, but then again, I am completely new to this.

    Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. We're due to have our 2nd child in just a couple of months, and I would really rather have everything completely taken care of and gone before adding a newborn into the chaos if we did indeed bring any travelers home with us.

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