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Sleep deprived and itchy,yet no confirmation

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Sun Nov 15 2015 22:22:29

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    Please help! About a week ago I found a dead bed bug on the clean sheets I was putting on my bed, at first I thought it was just a piece of fluff and I picked it up to throw it away, but then something made me look at it. I've never had bed bugs before nor have I ever bothered to look them up, but seeing a foreign looking bug on my bed was enough to send me to the Internet to try and identify the little bugger. I only had to look at a few pictures and I just knew. I immediately took my brightest flashlight and searched every inch of the bed like a mad woman, nothing! When my husband got home that night I broke the news to him, but instead of freaking out he managed to calm me down and convinced me that it was probably nothing as there were literally no other signs. A few days later I go to change the sheets again and find a few little blood marks by my husband pillow, and a few on the middle edge of the bed (neither of us have bites, even though I am itching like crazy and for some strange reason believe they are in my ears and hair), I immediately bag everything, pull the bed apart and inspect again and again, and again, still nothing! After laundering my sheets on the hottest temp I notice just two tiny little black dots on one pillow case quite far apart from each other. Since then I have been going mad. I called an exterminator to have a look, he couldn't find a thing (although he did confirm it was a bed bug I found). I haven't been able to sleep since finding the marks, I've been doubting my instincts like crazy because my husband managed to convince me it was nothing after my initial freak out, I search the bed and the couch about three times a day and and other Cracks or crevices I come across, nothing! I feel like I'm going crazy and I can't sleep, I need help! :'(

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