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Single bite....3 nights in a row. Could it be BB?

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    Sat Oct 25 2014 5:08:19

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    I had one single bite each night for 3 nights in a row now and I am wondering if it is bed bugs...or maybe a bed bug. The first night, the bite was behind my knee, and 2nd and 3rd nights were both on my forearm. The bites look all the same; small perfectly round welts. The 3rd night was the largest, about the circumference of a AAA battery.

    My sister had found a single bed bug on her bed that she dragged home from her school library about 3 weeks ago. She Was able to track it down and disposed of it.

    Does anyone know if I have bed bugs (see picture)...or perhaps a single bed bug? I know the young bed bugs have to molt through 5 stages to become an adult, but do they feed this often? (Once every night?) I live in AZ and avg house temp is 78/79°F. Please help if you can (image attached). Thank you!

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