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single bedbug found when moving out of apartment

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Tue Jul 17 2012 20:46:06

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    I've been living at an apartment for roughly nine months and in the past couple of weeks i began to suffer from rashes on my hands and arms. I didn't think much of it as my doctor had told me i had eczema back in february and just assumed it was flaring up again.

    for various reasons I've decided to move out of said apartment and have been living with my grandmother the past week while slowly moving my things out. today I was moving the last few things (my bed, boxpring, desk, all the heavy stuff) and found black marks on my comforter which immediately caught my attention (i have a huge phobia of parasites and have curiously read about bedbugs in the past). i looked closer and found a shell casing and a spot of blood. i laid the comforter out on the pavement and spotted a single bedbug scurrying across - it was red and full of blood. i showed it to the people i was moving with and we immediately inspected the boxpring/mattress closely and found nothing. I still decided to throw both of them away as a precautionary measure however.

    I'm not going back to that apartment ever again but am wondering how safe i am now that i've moved out - i havent been getting the rashes since i started sleeping at my grandmother's but i'm still not sure what to do about my clothing and personal belongings. i'm storing the rest of my furniture at a friend's place (who is aware of the bedbug i found - he actually doesnt think its a big deal). its all wood - a desk, dresser, and two bookshelves (i threw away a fabric chair i had been using as well). so far all i've done is spray them with bedbug removal spray that i bought at home depot. my grandmother, who i'm staying with right now, isn't worried and is telling me im making a big deal out of nothing - am i?

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