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Single adult female on couch, v. sluggish

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    Fri Feb 8 2013 14:24:53

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    We live in a medium-large apartment building in a mid-sized New England town. Wednesday afternoon my husband, who works at home, found a slow-moving insect on the sofa (he tried to get it on to a piece of paper, it wouldn't move). He looked it up, thought it was a BB, and was able to find it again on the side of the sofa and kill it. It's an exact match for an adult female (I'm not a professional but I do nature education, love invertebrates and have studied them) and when he squished it, it left black stains on the tissue so I assume it must have fed (probably on him, although he didn't react). We checked the sofa carefully as well as our bed and the guestroom futon--no visible signs. We have not traveled recently but had an overnight visitor this past weekend.

    We informed the management & gave them the dead bug. The maintenance guy, who is very nice and has had some BB training, came to inspect and checked the sofa and beds carefully too, also not finding anything else. This morning we got a prep sheet from Modern Pest Services, who are supposed to come some time next week. I asked the maintenance guy whether we would get an inspection before the treatment, and if the neighboring apartments were being checked and he said no, "we treat on a case-by-case basis," and that there had been one previous infestation in the building but on a different floor and it had been successfully treated. He said our neighbors were "very meticulous" and would have reported anything, and said he thought it was probably brought in by our guest.

    Since BBs can travel between apartments, and since the prep sheet talks about "the infested room(s)," we had more questions, and ultimately he said he would ask for us to get an inspection first. We could indeed have an infestation, and we presumably must have eggs at least. But when I called the toll-free number on the sheet, the person who answered said they would "focus on the bedroom." The sofa where my husband found the BB, which is the primary place he sits, is in a direct line from the front door (I was asking about the coat closet, which is off the foyer). I'm concerned about doing the huge amount of prep work and possibly getting re-infested right away if it is coming from another apartment. Is the behavior of this specimen weird/unusual?

    Any advice or opinions would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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