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Should I throw away Bed Boards after/during treatment?

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Oct 10 2016 21:55:27

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    Hello! First post here but I have found this site very helpful during the last few weeks since I have had bbs.

    My question is about throwing away part of my bed. My mattress lies on two pieces of plywood which sit on my bed frame (had an issue bringing box frame upstairs when moving in..). It is clear that they were infested- I first found the bugs crawling on them, and there are numerous fecal stains as well. I assume that many eggs were placed in there as well. I had my second treatment about a week ago and these boards were sprayed with insecticide again (the residue kind that you pump [i unfortunatly do not know the name of it]).

    My understanding of how this treatment works is that it will kill the bbs as they hatch from the eggs. I believe they are probably hatching from the board, so I would like to throw it out, but the new board I get would not have been sprayed with the insecticide so i dont want to interrupt the treatment. Is it better to throw out these boards or keep them? I was also considering getting some sort of mattress cover to cover these boards but then Im not sure if that will affect the insecticide either?

    Also, I have been sleeping just on my mattress cover without sheets because I dont want to introduce more fabric for the bed bugs to hide in. Am I right in thinking this is a good idea or am I sleeping discomfortably (only slightly) for no reason?

    P.S. Also I have read about the pros and cons of throwing out a mattress but couldn't find info about relating it to treatment

    P.S.S. I have been finding some live (and dead) baby bbs still is that normal?

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