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    Thu Sep 13 2018 19:53:47

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    I've read quite a few threads on this forum. I can't seem to find one that details how to go about self-treatment. Most posts regarding self-treatment are full of a bunch of people screaming not to do it.

    I understand self-treatment isn't the best option. It's the only option available to me. I simply can't afford the hundreds to thousands of dollars it would cost for a professional to do it.

    Through my research, I've learned that no single treatment option is going to help and that it will likely take multiple treatments.

    So I'm here seeking advice on how to self-treat this problem.

    I live in southwest NY. I do live in an apartment. But, fortunately, my apartment is all hard floors with very few cracks for them to hide in and I haven't, up to this point, done anything in an attempt to treat them. So my hope is because I haven't screwed with them and they haven't had trouble getting a meal, they haven't spread. My room is also on the edge of an outer wall. They would have to go quite far to get to another apartment. I've only ever seen them in my room. Fortunately, I don't react to the bites. I've physically seen them, though. The eggs, the nymphs, and the adults. They are feeding. I'm the only person in the apartment.

    I can't really say how bad the infestation is. Sometimes I see one hanging out on the side of my box spring. And if I look in some of the seams, I can see what I assume is their nest. This is where eggs are located, and where they appear to be "sleeping".

    It started at my previous apartment. Someone moved in, brought the bugs with them. It was a single room with shared facilities situation, so they spread rapidly to every room. They had someone come in to treat them. Initially they only treated the rooms that were reporting infestations. Which I'm sure just caused the bugs to spread out even worse. The people who did the treatment likely didn't have a single clue, either. My room was only ever treated once. And it was only a single treatment done with a pump sprayer. I left the bed behind when I moved, washed and dried all my clothes and put them in sealed bags until I arrived at the new apartment. Somehow they managed to hitch a ride. It's theoretically possible my new apartment was already infested but, given the circumstances, I find that unlikely.

    Unfortunately, given the fact the bugs most likely came from me, my landlord wouldn't be responsible based on my local laws.

    I've looked online at kits. The most comprehensive one I found included the following:

    liBellow Hand Duster/li
    liSteri-Fab Insecticide/li
    liZenprox Aerosol/li
    liCimeXa Insecticide Dust/li

    It's out of stock. It appears Zenprox has been discontinued and replaced with Zenprox Xtend and the website hasn't updated this kit.

    Is this kit a good treatment option? If not, what should I get instead? Zenprox Xtend is rather expensive compared to Zenprox and Bedlam. I can buy the equivalent of this kit on Amazon for around the same price. So that's an option. I can get either Zenprox or Zenprox Xtend.

    I'd like to keep things around $60 for at least the initial treatment, if possible, as that's about all I can afford in the next couple weeks. That said, I'd rather spend more to get a treatment that's actually going to work, than spend less for a treatment that's unlikely to work. If I have to save up a bit longer to get a better treatment option, so be it.

    Pls halp.

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