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Seeking advice for early treatment.

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    Thu May 11 2017 21:11:36

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    A little background info:

    I posted here a little over a year ago after I found a bed bug crawling away from me when I was in the bathroom. I killed it, got it identified by a local PCO (who did a check of the bedrooms in our 3 bedroom two story house) and I was freaking out after informing myself with various resources, this helpful site being one. I had never seen one before but it perfectly explained the three bite incidents that I had prior to finding it. Well after intense cleaning and monitoring, no new bites and no further signs for a year. I believe that I found evidence of it's harborage in a finished room over the garage that I spend a lot of time in at a computer.

    This all changed recently. I've been on edge since then, but have been doing occasional checks. Well on April 26, 2017 I was at work and happened to just glance down and saw a single bed bug running across my shorts. I was sitting on a plastic lawn chair in the middle of a cement warehouse, so it must have been on me for a bit, it was trying to escape into a seam on my cargo shorts pocket. I can't believe how calmly I captured it, using a piece of packing tape. It's still in a container that is taped up. I had a recent bite on my waist that explained it's presence, it appeared to be a 4th or 5th instar nymph (layman's guessing, I have pics I'll post in a bit).

    Since capturing it, I've had two more definitive bite events, they are quite visible as the roughly quarter sized red bites. These bite events were each about 5-6 days apart. I started keeping a log right after finding that one bedbug, also extreme laundering and clothes isolation. The first event after that one bite on my waist was a pair on the back of my left thigh, and then three in a row, spaced about 3 to 4 inches apart on the right side of my waist. In total it has been anywhere between 15-18 days since the first bite, I am hoping that this is only one here now and that the bites don't accelerate indicating a female with eggs.

    I'm not sure what time frame my bite response is, but it seems to show up in about half a day or so.

    Anyway, I still don't have any visual sign of bedbugs except the bites and that single one that I found. I have white sheets on my bed since last year for monitoring, and no fecal stains that I've found.

    My big question is, should I order some Cimexa and a bellows as a precaution? What advice do any experts have for going forward here? I'm pretty sure it's biting me in the room over the garage and I'm not quite sure how to avoid that, I'd like to use the Cimexa in order to possibly kill that one and preventative against more.

    The places I could have picked up these are myriad, a friend came from out of town and I was going to a lot of places I don't usually go, movies twice in one week, also got a haircut, was in his car and he was in mine. I've since been throwing my clothes in the drier everyday I get home from work or going out, also taking a shower right as I get home, or should I take it right before bed in case it hitch hikes on me from the room over the garage to my bedroom?

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