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Second encounter? Need some TLC, Nits on Body Hair, Not Lice.

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Thu Jun 27 2013 17:31:17

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    About a year ago I had an ongoing bedbug problem in NY... It went on and on with several treatments. I can't even recount it, because I just don't want to evoke all those feelings. My problem in NY was verified by the discovery and ID of live bugs by pest control.

    I ended up moving to CA and took great (some might say very extreme) strides plus had all items that were moved treated with Vikane Gas in a truck. I also had the empty new apartment treated before moving in.

    In CA I have been totally free of any bed bugs or bites for a solid eight months. However, I do have some posttraumatic stress symptoms and I live my life very differently than how I did before: Sleep on an air matres, don't wear my outside clothes inside the house, check monthly for bugs etc.

    I had a visitor who had been traveling internationally for several months stay on my couch for the weekend. Three days later I got three distinct bites in a triangle pattern on my arm. This was a major trigger!

    I live in a fairly lush area where there are lots of plant life mosquitoes, spiders, other critters present and I can clearly see mosquitoes in my house, no question -- and have been bit by them.

    The thing I found alarming is that I noticed a nit/egg attached to my leg hair. This also happened to me with my NY bed bug experience. I was told repeatedly by pest-control as well as have read here on the forums that bedbugs will not lay eggs on people unless it is a heavily infested situation. This is not been my experience however and I question that. I know this type of nit is not from body lice, because in NY I saved a similar nit from my arm hair in a zip lock and about ten days later it hatched into bedbugs.

    So finding the same kind of nit and three bites on my arm in CA made me panic. I had been bedbug free for a solid eight months, without a doubt, because believe me I was neurotically and actively looking all the time.

    I notified my landlord about the situation and they got on it right away and said if it becomes an issue that they take it very seriously and will treat it accordingly. Though they will not begin treatment unless I can present evidence of a problem e.g. actual bugs, castings, stains. I foolishly did not keep the most recent nit this time, I flushed it in panic, because I didn't want it to hatch.

    Feeling helpless, I sprinkled/puffed some diatomaceous earth around the borders and cracks of my house in the meantime, I figured why not try SOMETHING before this blooms into a problem? Vacuumed and washed everything!!

    It has been 27 days since the triangle on my arm and the nit in my leg hair and I have only had three "may-be could be bites" in the course of 48hrs on my legs, but the weird thing about the "bites" on my legs is that they are a lot like zits/ingrown hair that come to a white head and I can actually pop them, they do not itch at all. This was not the case with the three bites on my arm or the ones I got last year in NY, they itched like crazy.

    So here is a few things I want to ask:

    Has anybody else experienced these nits?

    What do you think is happening?

    Am I just PTSD/Crazy?

    What would you do?

    I also need some TLC/Reality Check.

    Thank you!

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