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Seattle, WA legal advice -- found bed bugs in my apartment

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  1. suburblight

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Mar 17 2018 22:56:00

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this forum, and I'm hoping for some advice or to locate some resources. I live in a studio apartment in a 107 unit apartment complex in Capitol Hill in Seattle. I know a lot about bed bugs, and I've even taken a workshop on them. I woke up on Saturday morning (about a week ago), and noticed some unusual bites on my arms -- about 12 of them. I immediately knew they were bed bug bites. I ripped apart my bed, and saw two adults and then a bunch of babies in my bed frame (I have a mattress that already has a mattress protector on it with no box springs -- it's a slatted Ikea bed frame). I killed them and showed a sample to my property manager, who then scheduled the first treatment a few days later. In the meantime, I took apart my bed frame, and steamed everything you can imagine. I found new babies and killed all bugs I found. I also treated all furniture with steam, rubbing alcohol, and EcoRaider. I treated all cloth items with heat, and placed them in sealed bags. I also bagged up things I still haven't treated. I had my first treatment on Thursday, and the exterminator said that he didn't see any signs of live active bed bugs in my apartment.

    The property manager said that she is bringing in bed bug sniffing dogs to inspect 10 units around me in a few days. She said that if the other units don't have them, I will need to pay for the cost of treatment and the cost of the dogs. But my apartment complex is HUGE -- 107 units! The property manager said the complex has had this issue before. What legal recourse do I have if the other apartments don't have bed bugs?

    Meanwhile, I am a very careful person when it comes to bed bugs. I don't ever buy used items, and I haven't had people in my apartment or traveled recently. I even had my office inspected at work for bed bugs as well as adjoining offices with no evidence found. The apartments here are really close together -- could only a few bed bugs come from a neighboring unit through an outlet or vent? Can babies also travel from unit to unit? I use public transit -- would it be possible to pick up two adults from there? I'm totally babbled by this!

    Please advise regarding the legal aspects. What are my rights?

  2. thirdusername

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Mar 17 2018 23:13:03

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    Is there anything I about bed bugs in your lease?
    I'm not a lawyer and I'm Canadian.
    How do you pay your rent, checks?

    Call these people:

    I am NOT an expert.
    My opinions are just opinions, they may NOT apply to yours or any situation.
    My advice is to always do a LOT of research.
    A lot of what I read contradicts other stuff on the Interweb.

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