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Sealing Apt: Metal Door Frames/Exhaust Fans/Baseboards

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  1. yech

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Tue Jan 20 2009 2:52:18

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    I'm overwhelmed (with my situation and with this site!). One week since my BB discovery - 3 critters, 2 on couch, 1 in bedding. No other obvious signs of infestation (I've looked). I'm told I'm the first to report BBs in my bldg (Toronto) and since I'm condo, I'm told I have to pay. I'm a clean freak and I hate bugs, now this - woe is me. Investigating PCOs, washing & bagging, etc. Q's...
    -- Want to seal up my apt - you do this AFTER treatment? how long after?
    -- Baseboards - do I need to remove my baseboards for treatment? (much of mine are painted to the wall but of course the bottom is open due to carpeting - how do I caulk the bottom with carpeting?
    -- What about door frames? Mine are metal and have gaps everywhere, plus a large hole in the strikeplate (if that's what it's called). Will they dust them? Then I caulk all 16 of these suckers? Put steelwool or what in the strikeplate hole (3 of the 8 doors are usually closed)
    -- Outlets - you caulk these too and expect never to want to remove the covers??? what about the holes (3 prongs, cable hole, phone jack) if not in use??? how do you plug these up???
    -- Exhaust fans in kitchen, bath, laundry - how do I seal them so they still work? will the PCO put dust in the ducting?
    I think I can deal with the holes for plumbing and rads.
    Am I missing anything?
    Thanks to all for any helpful advice. (Presently investigating PCO's...)

  2. spideyjg

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Thu Jan 22 2009 0:33:41

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    There are many sealants and you can do your homework with the tags up top but the when is up to your PCO and their treatment methods.

    IMHO in the end you want every single potential entry point and harborage sealed.


  3. cantstopscratching

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Thu Jan 22 2009 23:42:01

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    Yech, I have the same problem. A neighbor has bed bugs and I have no idea how to seal up every crack around my medal door. Let me know if you have found some solutions. Any suggestions anyone?

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