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Safe to stay with friends tomorrow night?

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Wed Dec 30 2015 17:57:55

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    We've been invited to crash at a friend's place for New Years.

    -we moved Nov 15 into our house, then travelled returning Dec 10, and take public transit always.
    -we found a 3rd or 4th instar bug last Monday (21st) on a couch already destined for the garbage. We disposed of the couch and a chair outside ASAP after inspecting them very carefully, including cutting them open, and found nothing.
    -K9 inspected, alerted to wall behind couch in question, outside alerted to couch and chair. No visual confirmation to any alerts.
    -used DE and steam along that wall, encased mattress, started living out of bags.
    -PCO came Monday this week and took open baseboard, found nothing. Did thorough spray treatment of whole house including bed/box spring. Found no physical signs of bedbugs anywhere. Said we were OK to stop living out of ziploc bags although we still have not (had time) to run all clothing through the dryer and it is in garbage bags. Said he saw no risk we would spread them if we have any more.
    -if we dress out of ziplocs, go over right from work with everything dryer treated and in bags, and they have ziplocs waiting for our shoes and things...

    Is it worth the risk? They know we are infested so it's up to them in the end, but...

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