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Safe to remove mattress cover....when?

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Jul 1 2015 17:01:55

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    I know BB's have been known to live up to eighteen months without a host. At least, in labs (and maybe a few other iffy stories I've heard).

    It's been thirteen and a half months (actually, nearly fourteen) since the problem in my apartment house was dealt with. Right after, I had ordered online and had put on my new mattress and box spring some good-quality mattress covers. I've kept them on since, checking periodically for tears or for evidence of recurrence. They are still as white as when I got them.

    Thing is, though, eventually I'm going to be wanting to remove at least the top one and send it through the wash. These things weren't just designed for bed bugs, but also were excellent for people with allergies. I'm as allergic as can be, and wouldn't mind sending the top one through the wash. (Although I am convinced the new set was never infested during the three or so days before my covers came in the mail (I kept the original plastic on with all holes taped up till then), I don't want to take the slightest chance. The bottom one will, without question, remain in place at least another six months before I consider removing it-if ever!

    So, then, any expert here...for my you recommend I wait? The PCO was an excellent one who got them all on the first go and did a follow-up to be on the safe side. Since his first visit, I haven't had a single bite nor have I ever found any of the more traditional bed bug signs.

    (Those strange puncture marks I was getting last winter ceased almost completely once warm weather hit.)

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