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Risks, Risks, Risks: To Move Or Not To Move?

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    When the inspector from Precision Environmental came out prior to our first ThermaPure heat treatment, I told him that we were planning to move to a new building that is bed bug free (no known bed bug incidents ever) with the same building management group following treatment. I asked him about moving time frames -- when it would be safe to move, how would we know, fears about reinfestation if we stayed in the building we're in now, etc. I hadn't considered at that point the possibility that our heat treatment wouldn't work -- and that it might be possible for us to move to a new building and take our bed bugs with us. I was just worried about how and when to get out of our current building without risking reinfestation.

    Fast forward in time...

    We're going through a second thermal treatment tomorrow. The first treatment, which we were assured was not done properly, failed. We have been told that this treatment will be successful. Our fingers and eyes are certainly crossed.

    Here's the question to all of you experienced bedbuggers: Should we still move or should we stay in our current building?

    My confidence has been shaken in thermal remediation; however, I've heard many success stories and our PCO has a 100% kill, 30-day guarantee. That's how we're getting the re-treat so quickly. They did two other units in our building the same day as our first treatment, and from what we've heard through the grapevine, those treatments worked (although we haven't talked to the involved tenants directly).

    We're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    If they treat and the treatment is unsuccessful, we've moved to our new, concrete floor (no more wood for us!) apartment in our BB free building -- and we've brought them with us. I also have no idea if the guarantee applies if we move locations (I'll be asking on Monday). Then we'd be at our landlord's mercy, probably footing the bill ourselves for a Vikane treatment on a UHaul before we move on to a new location.

    HOWEVER, if the treatment is successful and we don't move, I would guess we run the risk of eventual reinfestation, since the whole building isn't being treated (70-plus residences in the whole building). I've asked around in neighboring units to see if they've had problems, but not a great deal, because I don't want to anger management and risk eviction (we're month-to-month).

    Thoughts? Should we move and hope the problem is really over? Should we stay and hope we don't reinfest? Is there a way we can safely move when we still don't know exactly where the BB came from in the building?

    Any experience or ideas would be greatly appreciated. We'll also be talking through this with the PCO tomorrow.

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