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Resurfacing bites or bed bugs back?

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  1. Sybert224

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Thu Nov 15 2018 7:52:03

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    Resurfacing old bites flare ups
    So March of 2017 I moved into a new place. Turns out it was infested with bed bugs. We left EVERYTHING literally except clothes and put toys and kitchen stuff in storage.
    Washed every thing with hot water at the laundry mat before taking it with us.
    I moved in with my mom the following month. (We weren’t even there a month 😞)
    I have been with my mom since then and it is now November 2018. So over a year and a half later! Not one single bite between then and now. All of a sudden out of nowhere I’m seeing bites. Night before last.... one on my foot and two an my ankle(same foot) when I noticed them I had just gotten up with my 2 year old and laid on their floor for 30 minutes until they fell asleep again. It was when I got up I noticed the bites. they looked like they had just happened . White welts about the size of a dime. Itchy as hell. The next morning they are red. My foot is red and swollen and hot. (It turns out it was cellulitis/ infected and needed antibiotics which I just started)
    Next day nothing. No new bites
    Following day I wake at 630 with my 2 year old twins and go in their room . Fix their pillow and maybe a minute later I notice 2 bites on my arm. Both same white welts as if they just happened. I search my bed with a flash light and the area in their room I touched. I found nothinf. And I know what to look for from experience. So.... I feel like I’m going crazy. I am a stay at home mom. I rarely leave the house. Even less so the past month because of one of our cars is broke down and my husband has mine... it should be noted I slept in my children’s room 2 nights this weekend and got no bites. And slept in my bed in between these two episodes and got no bites.

    Am I experiencing old bites flaring up?
    Is this a brand new problem someone has brought here and is just starting up?

    Do flare ups happen with multiple bites over several days?? Currently have 5 bites over a span of 3 days one of which had none. If it is a flare up what the hell do I do??? I’m taking Zyrtec

  2. SalsaVince

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Thu Nov 15 2018 9:33:58

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    Hi Sybert,
    Haven't read about anyone ever experiencing a "flare up" of old bites after an extended period of time. If you're reacting, they are most likely bites that you got within 24 hours of the reaction. For me, I react badly to the bites and I know by the next morning if I've been bit because I swell up and they are very red and itchy welts. Bites could be from various things so you can't assume it's bed bugs until you actually find some evidence of them. Be sure to read up on how to find the evidence and where to look. Start by looking at the seams of your mattress and box springs. You'll see dark fecal spots where they hang out if they're there. Just to be safe, if you are switching beds sleeping in your kids bedroom sometimes, I would be careful to not bring any pillows, linens, or even wear clothing that you had on in your bed where you were getting bit so as not to introduce bugs in your kids room. That would make it much more stressful. It may not be bed bugs but that's just a good precaution.

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