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Reputable Pest Control for bed bugs in Sydney, Australia

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  1. Emily17

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Wed Oct 31 2018 5:16:26

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    I picked up bed bugs from a stay at a backpackers in Airlie Beach approx 2 months ago. I've tried the bedbugbarrier system available in Oz however has not worked for me and I think it's time I just get a professional in. Has anyone had success with bed bug removal Pest Control company in Sydney? After spending a bit of money already, I want to get it right this time and choose the best pest control company to eradicate these bugs. I live in a four bedroom terrace share house so want to get onto this promptly as I hate the fact these things could get into my flatmates rooms - if they haven't already. They are the worst and I have had severe lack of sleep and now it's affecting my work. Any help appreciated, thanks!

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