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Removing everything from bags and finding mold...gross

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    Tue Sep 29 2009 19:54:32

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    So it's been 7 weeks since I last spotted a bedbug. I was bit by something once the day after my last treatment a month ago, but I wonder if it's a bedbug since I haven't seen anything or been bitten since the visual verification 7 weeks ago.

    Before the first treatment I spent a week and a half vacuuming and steaming everything with this: [url=]Conair Deluxe Garment Steamer[/url]I had most of my stuff sealed up in airtight containers and put into storage. I went back a week before my second treatment to check to make sure everything was OK and there weren't any holes. Anything with holes got repacked. I've been vacuuming a few times a week since then and spraying my bed with steam every few days. Not enough, I know, but there are only so many hours in the day. Everything I've owned up til now has been living in bags. I spent a good $200 on plastic bags. There was probably another $30 spent in one week on laundry. I bought a bunch of large plastic bins to store the things in plastic bags that weren't going into storage. The mattress and box spring are encased in an encasement. Nothing on the walls, nothing in the drawers, nothing in the closets for 2 months (other than everything in the kitchen and bathroom, the PCO said it's OK to leave everything there).

    Now, because of me not working and not wanting to overextend my credit cards, I have to take everything out of storage. I'm currently vacuuming and steaming everything once again. The storage place is 3/4 miles away, which is close enough not to warrant spending the money on a van to bring everything back, but far away enough that putting everything into one of those laundry carts and hauling it back has become quite a pain in the butt (I walked 5 miles on 3 trips today, and have spent about 3 or 4 days similar to today). Since my apartment is small, I also didn't want to fill up the place with too much stuff because we wouldn't be able to move anywhere. Now I'm resteaming everything and revacuuming. If I had help, it wouldn't be as bad but my husband works 12 hours a day and nobody really wants to step into an apartment that once had bedbugs. So far I only found 2 things with mold, black mold, but that seams to be the extent of the damage in storage. So far no signs of bugs or feces. I haven't quite hit the 55 day mark, but since it was a new infestation at my old apartment and the known infested items I threw out while I was there, I'm hoping the few insects I found here were just stragglers and they didn't breed and have babies and produce happy loving homes.

    My sleep schedule is finally becoming a little more normal. I went to bed at 11pm the other night which was nice. I'm hopeful, I bought DE which will be spread around the baseboards. I still get that heroin feeling all the time still, like bugs are crawling on you, but I was staying at a friend's once and I was sleeping in her attic and felt itchy, so I think it might be psychosomatic. I feel hopeful, but the paranoia is still there so I'm still queasy whenever I think there's a sign they might be there, and relieved once I find out it's not it.

    The only thing that makes me paranoid right now is the sweet smell in the apartment. I catch a wiff every now and then. And the meter room (I live in a basement and it's in my living room) smells really sweet, so I wonder if it's the wood or if they're living there. So I'm hoping I'm paranoid on that one, but I sprayed DE everywhere in there just in case.

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