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removing bed bugs from used furniture

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  1. bitmely

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue May 26 2015 0:14:04

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    How do I prevent a bed bug infestation from used furniture? I'd like to buy an upholstered ergonomic task chair off of Craigslist because I'd save about $700 buying it used. I'll look for signs of bugs, but the seller is a used office furniture dealer, so I assume he'll clean it up first. The chair also has many crevices that I can't get to without disassembling the chair.

    I'm thinking that I can:
    1) try my luck with a heating box like the ZappBug Oven 2, the only one well under the $700 I'd save that's big enough for the chair.
    2) take the chair to a pest control professional to have it treated

    I'm wary about ZappBug and any other box because David Cain had mentioned in another post that there were cold spots in all of the boxes, save one unnamed box. Even if a box worked, I'm not confident that the sample size of tested boxes was large enough or represented production boxes as opposed to free samples sent for testing. Instructions about home steaming seemed even more questionable since I'm hoping the bugs won't move before being killed and the chair's center column won't be reached from underneath even when done by a professional.

    Do professionals clean just one chair if I show up at their doorstep with a bagged chair? Is there any consensus on what's the most reliable method to remove the potential bugs, either by professionals or individuals? What's worked for you? Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Winston O. Buggy

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue May 26 2015 8:01:39

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    You could try doing it yourself via a heat chamber and probably do it twice t=with the chair repositioned OR explore professional heat treatment or fumigation.

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