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Recommendation URGENTLY Needed PLEASE!! PCO to Seal (Dust & Caulk) New Apt!

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Dec 2 2014 21:05:03

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    Hi Folks,

    To be brief, I suffered a bedbug infestation last June, was chemically treated over the summer and subsequently cleared by two PCOs in New York City……

    Anyway, I’ll be moving within the next week or so (within New York) and the building I’m moving into (for "not quite yet" seniors) has had bedbug infestations in the past. Management is very, very cautious about what they say and tends to seriously avoid answering direct bedbug questions, so it took me a little while to verify this information.

    I’m being as careful as possible in preparing for the move although I’m basically only taking clothing, toiletries, and some electronics to the new apartment.

    What I really, really Need is a recommendation for a competent New York City PCO who can perform an inspection and then a complete and thorough “seal up job” including dusting and caulking in a vacant Studio apartment, before I move in.

    Unfortunately, I’m not able to tackle this kind of sealing work (in terms of age and health), and I need to be Very, Very thorough of course.

    (Oh, and to add to my nerves, I was Just informed that the building’s Laundry Room is at the end of my floor….. Not Great!)

    So, can anyone Please, Please recommend a competent PCO that will first inspect and then Properly dust and seal (caulk) a vacant New York City studio apartment?

    Thank you all so Very, Very Much!

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