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Really need advice!

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  1. Lara71

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Oct 19 2017 19:45:21

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    Long story short is I've been getting bites for weeks and no one believed me that it was bed bugs. However, last night I found a nest of beg bugs living in a crevice in my bed. My husband killed them. This morning I found a bunch in a book which I triple bagged and threw away. Terminex is coming on Saturday.

    However I suffer from ADD and anxiety. I'm completely freaked out. I see all kinds of info online and I feel overwhelmed.

    I really need to hear from people who have fought bed bugs and won. I need to know what is the best methods to get rid of them, what to do before the exterminator comes, and what do after and for how long.

  2. bedbugsbugme

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Oct 19 2017 20:13:02

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    I also suffer from ADD and anxiety plus depression aad OCD. I know the feeling all too well. I can assure you that you can beat this if you follow your PCOs instructions carefully.

    When we had bed bugs I was 39 weeks pregnant! Oh the agony I suffered. I also have a 7 year old daughter (6 at the time) so triple agony. My house wasn't treated until way after my son was born. I lived in a 2 man camper with a newborn baby so we could avoid bites. My husband, my brave husband, stayed in the house and acted as bait to keep them confined to 1 room. We followed the PCOs instructuons very carefully. And we had success. Havent had a problem since!

    That was 1 year ago. Now I am very diligent at home and with cleaning. I NEVER EVER buy used furniture. I throw all "new to me" clothing in a gas dryer at the laundromat then wash afterwards (I hardly ever buy used clothes).

    *hugs* you will get through this. I admit it is a long process especially in the mind. But you take it 1 day at a time.

    I'm not an expert. Just sharing what I learned from my experience.
  3. October

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Oct 24 2017 23:22:18

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    We had them. I believe I brought them home when I purchased a beautiful antique basket. Two weeks later we woke up covered in welts. We only
    Ever found two full size bed bug and a possible nymph over a two week period. It took about a month before we stopped getting bit entirely. All and all it costs us about $1000 and tested our sanity. Here is what we did.

    Sprayed some type of natural oil.

    Found a bug.

    Immediately bagged all the fabric in our house, took it to the laundry mat, washed, dried and kept in garbage bags for four months.

    Vaccumed every inch of our 1200 sq ft home. Including under the bed and all of the bed frame.

    Steamed every inch of our bedroom.

    First thing Monday morning had an exterminator spray
    Our entire house (had my mom take in our cat)

    Encased our new already seamless mattress.

    Put climb ups around our bed. (Caught none)

    Built homemade bug traps. (Caught none)

    We got a new high powered vacuum.

    Spread animal safe daimascus (spelling?) earth all over our bed and floor and in our couch. Vaccumed it and every inch of our bedroom and bed and most
    Of the house every other day before laying more dia earth down to repeat the process. We kept it away from our cat just in case or we would have cover our entire house in this stuff.

    Lived out of tied up garbage bags for four months just incase..

    We woke up to find a bug in our bed twice so we started not sleeping well and just constantly turned on the lights and searched because we were still getting bites on and off for a few weeks. I'm allergic so my bites were three inch welts.

    After about a month we stopped getting bit. It took us about six months to start sleeping right. I tried to wipe up all the pesticide residue around the edges of the house (previously wiped up where ever the cat went just in case)

    It's been year and a half. We are extremely cautious of everything we bring into our home and what hotels we stay at. I try to vacuum the bedroom often.

    All and all the three bugs we found cost us $1000 and about 100 hours of work. Be vigilant. Assume every surface has a bed bug egg and every crevice has a bug. You can beat this but it takes a lot of effort. I think it's normal to feel overwhelmed and extremely stress about this. I don't think most people are willing to put in the amount of obsessive effort it takes to get rid of them. Obsessing about the issue is probably healthy. They are a living nightmare.

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