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Reaction change over time?

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    Wed Aug 28 2019 4:02:11

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    May 2019 I went to visit a different state for a concert. Stayed in an Airbnb. Two weeks after coming home, my left arm was itchy. Thought it was mosquito bites so I didn’t think much of it. Following days brought new bites to show up. The next thing I knew, I had 20+ bites on each arm. Bites also on my hand and face showed up. About a week after, I decided to get k9 inspection. Results were negative. Handler said I was experiencing a delayed reaction from my time spent on other I was on vacation/concert trip.

    Though results were negative, I’m still getting new bites (noticing them 1-6 days) BUT, these bites aren’t like the initial ones. They’re a lot smaller and last for a day or two. Initial bites lasted for weeks and were bigger and way itchier.

    Has my body built defense against the bites causing the bite profile to change/differ from the initial bites?

    Also I noticed that I’m finding these bites when I wear clothes from my closest (clean clothes). I’m getting bit on the chest mainly. Bites in pairs sometimes and sometimes just one.

    Are they hiding in my clothes??

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