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  1. itchy10407

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Thu Dec 20 2018 15:59:41

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    Sorry for the repost, my original isn't showing up for some reason.

    My husband and I purchased a used sectional about 3-4 weeks before Thanksgiving. A few days before Thanksgiving I started with what I thought was a rash that resembled hives and was super itchy. No one else in the house had any symptoms. A couple days later my husband and I found a bug crawling in the cupholder and decided to google pictures and found out that it was a bed bug. The next day we turned the couch upside down and cut off the dust cover to reveal a TON of bed bugs and eggs. Throwing the couch away seemed like the most logical thing to do at the time so we did just that. I stripped the beds and started washing everything we own and drying on high heat. We inspected the beds and found nothing but decided to purchase mattress/ boxspring encasements just in case. Last week I noticed another set of bites on my arm, and a couple days ago my daughter had a few bites on her leg and bottom so I decided it was time to have a PCO come out and treat the house. He came out today and inspected the beds and the new futons we had purchased to replace the infested couch and surrounding areas and found nothing. No fecal stains, no bugs, and no casings. He also checked for fleas and found nothing. He decided to hold off on treatment for now until we get some sort of evidence that they are still in the house. I guess all I can do is wait and keep checking beds but I still feel very uneasy about the whole situation. Is it likely we still have a problem even though there is no evidence?

  2. Sleepless2

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Thu Dec 20 2018 17:40:45

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    Yes it absolutely is.
    I am not a bed bug professional and I know how PCOs talk a lot about how very visible they are, well I think it takes time to become visible.
    Im sure one of the experts will post and tell you some stuff. But you can have an early insipient infestation and there are few signs, except the bites.
    The signs will come though eventually.
    Whatever you do I wouldnt suggest a chemical spraying. But that´s just from my own experience. Chemical sprays can make the problem worse, and is very dependent on the competency of the PCO.


  3. SalsaVince

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Fri Dec 21 2018 13:34:11

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    Based on the fact that your PCO refused to treat without confirmed signs, I would say he is competent. If they just start spraying everywhere "just in case", I would be concerned. So yes, if you still do have bed bugs, they will become visible soon. Just educate yourself on how to look for the signs and I would suggest monitors (passive and/or interceptors) which will help you spot them faster than visual inspections. If you find something, call them out again and they'll let you know how to proceed. Since you caught it early within weeks of introduction to your home, it should be a very manageable problem.

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