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rat mite eradication

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Thu Feb 8 2018 13:10:12

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    This site is a lifesaver!

    Common story. Killed a rat and left nest and next thing we know we are getting eaten alive. We thought it was bedbugs. Absolutely zero evidence anywhere. Local pest control wouldn't do anything until we knew what it was. Put out interceptors under bed legs and flat sticky traps--nothing.

    Caught one crawling on me one morning (You are NOT crazy-- they are crawling on you. I am scientist so trust your own instincts even when people think you are crazy!). Got a positive rat mite ID.

    Bought a CO2 active trapper from and set the CO2 trap near the wall where the nest was. Tons of them in the trap.

    Now-- we have to eradicate! I am not sure exactly how to do it.
    1) remove nest from wall-- then use Diatomaceous Earth (Cimexa amorphous silica) and bomb wall with Cedar oil?
    2) wash all floors and boards with cedar oil. add diatomaceous earth in cracks and floorboards and dust along mattress, sofa etc.
    3) i am laundering and in dryer for 70 min. they still find me. None so far in bed that I can catch with the CO2.
    4) starting to use sulfur soap in shower and conditioner and lotion with essential oils.

    Do I need to bomb with anything else in the wall and underneath my house for these rat mites? So far I've been offered 3 options:
    1) alpine (dinotefuran, pyriproxyfen, prallethryn)
    2) onslaught (esfenvalerate, PBO)
    3) dryon dust

    any advice short and long-term would be most appreciated!

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