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Questions about Laundering During Treatment

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    Thu Aug 9 2018 9:31:09

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    So, I posted a few days ago about finding the dreaded bugs. I'm having bedbuglaundry in nyc come pick up the majority of my clothes to treat and store it while the treatment is happening (that's starting w/ bedbug911 tomorrow morning). I know in the interim I'll have to live out of plastic bins (I bought the sterilite water/air resistant ones w/ the foam thing in the cap). But my question is for laundering THOSE clothes:

    Does anyone have recommendations in NYC / Brooklyn for a laundromat that I can use for just the dryer? The one near my apartment doesn't allow for this. But for things like my bras or clothing that's air dry-only and will need to be dried and THEN washed or something that can't be washed in hot water and then dried in high heat without being ruined, I'm at a loss of what to do.

    To that end, can I wear the bras more than once or do they have to be treated after every use? (I'm asking bc I was hoping to have a rolling wardrobe of seven outfits that I could wear and then wash once a week, but seven new bras is an intense expense, so if I could get like three and use them each twice that would be ideal.) Would it help to heat the bra thoroughly/carefully w/ my hairdryer after each use?

    Maybe I'm overthinking this? I just want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly during treatment. I bought three bins, one for clean clothes, one for dirty clothes, and one to put my daily backpack into as soon as I get home so it doesn't get contaminated. I'm changing out of my bin clothes into the one set of pajamas I have as soon as I walk into the apartment. And anything I wear in my bedroom (the only place the PCO found evidence of bedbugs) I make sure I change out of in my room, then wrap myself in a towel hanging on a hook outside my room before going into the bathroom to change into clothes from the bin. Is that too intense?

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