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Questions about adding a 2nd encasement (Can I remove the original one?)

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  1. smoosh

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Apr 23 2011 0:12:32

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    I just finished reading a thread where someone had an encasement like mine (from Bed Bath & Beyond) and now I'm freaking out. I started getting bit about a week ago and now have 14 bites below my knees.. My encasements have been on for far longer. I'm thinking a bed bug hitchhiked home with me after I visited my FIL recently in a long-term care facility. Or else it could be the new neighbors who moved in below me.

    So I've been looking for evidence and so far have only found what I think is an exoskeleton which I'm going to show to an exterminator tomorrow (for confirmation). I have found some black "dirt" (feces?) but it doesn't look like a lot of the pics of bb fecal matter posted online. But this "dirt" was on my side of the bed on the mattress encasement. So I'm thinking maybe the bed bugs are INSIDE the crappy encasement??? I bought some ClimbUps and just put those on last night. (A lot of good those will do if the bugs are still on my bed though!)

    I'm about to buy 2 Protect-A-Bed mattress encasements (for the mattress and box spring). Should I open the Bed Bath & Beyond ones first to see if I can see any bugs inside? I would really like to remove them and vapor steam clean my mattress and box spring, but I guess that leaves me open to the possibility of some bugs escaping if they are indeed inside.

    To prevent the possibility of the new encasements tearing, is it okay to put down some folded-over cloth on top of the screws that stick up on the sides of the metal bed frame? I realize some bugs could harbor there, but that's better than having a torn encasement, right?

    Any recommendations on a vapor dry steam cleaner under $500?

    Sorry for the jumbled thoughts. It's after midnight and my brain has been scattered since I started getting bitten. Lucky DH seems to be a non-reactor.

  2. toledo

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Apr 23 2011 8:07:50

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    DON'T TAKE OFF AN ENCASEMENT! First of all, which encasements did you buy at BB&B? I have the Allergy Luxe and I believe they are some of the better ones out there. I'd start by closely examining all sides of the mattress and boxspring covers, looking for any holes or tears. The BBs could be living somewhere else. They don't have to be coming from a mattress or boxspring. Also, bites below the knees could indicate fleas. Is that a possibility? Smart move installing the climb-ups! I'd wait a little while before investing more money. If you find a rip in the encasement, or really feel that's the problem, I'd simply put new encasements over the old encasements.

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