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Question with a long story

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    Tue Aug 24 2010 11:29:00

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    Hello, sorry for the long story, but it is necessary for my question to be answered: I'm trying to figure out whether I do in fact have bed bugs in my apartment, or whether the bites I have are from the hotel where my family stayed as we were driving here (I just moved here from across the country)...

    We stayed in a hotel on Monday night last week, and arrived at my apartment on Tuesday. On Tuesday night, we discovered about 100 bites on my mom's back, ranging in size from quite small to about the size of a mosquito bite, but in clusters unlike anything any of us had ever seen. Luckily, my dad knew something about bed bugs, and said right away that's what it was. We immediately took the small suitcase my mom had been using in the hotel--which thankfully hadn't been opened since it came into the apartment--out into the hallway.

    We opened it in the hallway with my apartment door shut, and carefully looked through the pajamas she'd been wearing, which were right on top of the suitcase. We found nothing, but still threw out the pajamas in the large trash-can down the hall, which is used as a trash bin for the entire floor, and is emptied daily. We sealed her suitcase back up and left it unopened in the hallway for the remainder of my family's stay with me in my new apartment.

    As soon as we had the opportunity, we looked up what we could on bed bugs online, and found that symptoms (the red itchy bumps) could continue to show up for 1-3 days after the actual incident... As my mom had been bitten on Monday night, we assumed this meant that she may be finding "new" bites as far into the week as Thursday night, without actually having been newly bitten. On Wednesday the bites showed up all over both of her arms, and on Thursday on her neck, face, and legs.

    All this time my sister and mom had been staying with me in my apartment: my mom on a blow-up mattress, my sister in a sleeping bag, and me on a futon on top of a metal frame. Neither my sister nor I discovered any bites, until Thursday night, when I noticed about thirty on one arm and twenty on the other--exhibiting the 'tell-tale' three or four bites in a single line that told me it had to have been bed bugs.

    When we were in the hotel, I shared a room with my mother while my dad and sister were in a separate room. We called the hotel the day after discovering the bites, and they found the bed bugs in the bed that my mom had used, but not in the other bed, where I had been sleeping. Just to be safe, though, I kept the pajamas I'd been wearing in the back seat of my car--they haven't even been in the apartment yet.

    My question is this: Are the bites that I have simply a delayed (3-day) reaction to bites that I received while sleeping in the same hotel room as my mom? If so, since they didn't find any in my bed at the hotel, is it at all likely that I carried any with me into the apartment (I didn't have a suitcase, just a change of clothes and a purse, which didn't touch the bed)? OR, did the bugs get into my apartment during that 10-hour period before we realized that my mom's stuff could be affected?

    My bites are very tiny, compared to my mom's. Does this indicate that I was only bitten by nymphs, or does it really make no difference?

    My sister hasn't found any bites at all, after sleeping in my apartment on the floor for five nights.

    I have been sleeping in my apartment on the metal frame of my futon for the last four nights after first discovering the bites, and so far have not come across any new bites. I know, though, that bed bugs only need to feed once a week, so it's possible that they just haven't come back out again since first biting me during any of those first nights in the apartment.

    I don't know what to think -- are they here, or were they only in the hotel? I won't know for sure until at most a week and three days from now -- allowing time for them to need to come back out and feed, and then for me to actually have a visible reaction. I have searched the crevices of my futon and frame, along with the crevices of the wall and wooden end-table nearby--I haven't found a thing, although if it is just nymphs they would be terribly hard to spot anyway. I haven't found any skins, spots, or bugs on my bed or sheets, but again that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't there.

    Would anyone be able to offer any knowledge or advice that might illuminate my situation, even a little? I know that I probably won't be able to tell for sure until at least a week from now, but any opinions on the matter, professional or otherwise, would be helpful.

    Thank you, and apologies again for the long-winded explanation.

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