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Question for the Experts - Ekbom syndromes, or DP?

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  1. Helppleasee

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Sun Jul 21 2019 21:26:57

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    Hello everyone,
    Quick question I have, let me start out by in no means am I an psychologist nor am I diagnosing myself. Is ekbom syndrome/DP strictly classified as bugs under the skin or just paranoia about bugs on the skin/harboring in your home?

    A little background
    - I’ve convinced myself I’ve had lice before, felt the crawling sensations, had my head checked weekly, for months. And I didn’t have them. Of course right?
    -bed bug scare number 1 : last July my son kept waking up itching, everything looked like a bite to me, convinced I had them. Didn’t stop freaking out until PCO came and said he was positive we didn’t have them
    - I am currently going through a bb scare/unconfirmed infestation and am unsure if it’s my head again for just true bb’s because now everyone’s got “bites” coincidentally the same time frame we had the scare last year.

    Curious if any of you have encountered this and what your thoughts are, and no I understand no one can give medical advice nor is that what I’m looking for, just experiences on your part.

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Mon Jul 22 2019 1:35:30

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    Not a huge fan of the DP concept, it’s a convenient catch all for lazy clinicians and PCO’s who can’t think outside of the box. Technically it’s the sensation of crawling skin and not an actually organism but because of the “D” most people hear “you are mad and it’s all in your head”.

    I have written a summary of the issue here:

    To date I have had many cases I was told were DP that turned out to be other issues and sometimes multiple issues.

    I hope that helps keep some perspective to things.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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