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Question about bites

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  1. Matt

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Jul 2 2012 8:28:08

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    Is it normal for bed bugs to habitually bite the same area of the body?

    I had bugs in February, a very minor infestation, PCO treated twice. Said I have nothing to worry about.

    So my question is, I have reactions on my upper arms similar to bites, however this area is almost always covered by clothing, including when I sleep. I have plenty of exposed skin elsewhere that goes completely untouched.

    No signs otherwise. Slightly panicked, and trying not to cry wolf to the landlord.

  2. AshamedandScratching

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Jul 2 2012 12:42:05

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    It's been since October since I left my infesation. My skin is still highly reactive to anything that touches it. It was pretty bad before, but I'm much more reactive to insect bites now. Just something to consider before your reactions, scare you too much. As long as you monitor and inspect and clean your bed area regularly, I wouldn't worry about bites. They could be from anything. If you're looking around, you'll see signs or find bugs. If you haven't in a while, then spend some time today inspecting and cleaning.

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