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Question about bed bug dogs

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    Sat Aug 5 2017 18:41:09

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    It's been some time now since my last bed bug freak out, and all signs seem clear. No skin reactions like my innitial bites months ago (though I get occasional short-lasting, random hives I think are stress related) and the Packtite passives on our beds are clear. However, I recently traveled (very cautiously) and shortly after, one of my cats which sleeps all day on the couch suddenly had a red bump on her ear. I also spend decent time on the couch, as does my mom and we are ok. I know it's unlikely for BBs to bite a pet if people are present and that bumps or bites prove nothing, but she is an old cat and barely moves from the couch all day when we are gone, so of course I am slightly freaking.

    All that to say I am thinking I may have peace of mind if we have a BB dog sweep the house. Maybe it'll help this extreme anxiety.* I read several threads about the dogs, but still feel hesitant. Most of the threads I saw in the search also weren't very recent.

    I was hoping for feedback on a BB dog company I found, and BB dogs in general.

    The company is NOT a pest control company, nor do they do any referrals to pest control companies. They only do inspection.

    Their dogs and handlers are certified, which I verified.

    They do a physical inspection if the dog allerts, and photograph and seal samples or evidence found to show a PCO.

    It's that simple. I think it sounds really great based on previous posts. I know I'm being paranoid, but does anyone have feedback or suggestions regarding using BB dogs?

    Also, should I get passives for the couch since it gets heavy use?

    *Regarding my anxiety, I am currently in bi-weekly therapy and am seeking to add both psychiatry and hypnotherapy to manage it. Who knew bugs could do such a number on the brain.

    Not an expert. Any advice I give is information gleaned via anxiety-fueled research of credible sources and expert posts here. Please research all advice before treating and consult a professional.

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