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Protect-a-bed questions

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  1. ThisMeansWar

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Mon Jul 21 2008 21:07:42

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    Thank you for putting the presentation materials regarding the mattress covers on the internet. The video and discussion is very comprehensive and extremely detailed. Thank you again for showing this.

    The reason for this forum is the following. During the presentation there was a very comprehensive argument that I think is very well constructed and supported. Our current exterminator on the contrary has a very different opinion.

    My wife and I have been plagued by BB for some time now. We are going into our fourth spray tomorrow. My wife has researched various encasements for some time before making her final decision to purchase the Protect-A-Bed encasement. There were several reasons for this decision.

    Our current exterminator is not pleased about the fact that we have the Protect-A-Bed encasement. He believes that there is a higher risk of bedbug larve or early stage nymphs to attach to the exterior of the encasements. I have not heard him talking about the interior and possibility of BB escaping. He is worried that the exterior with its fluffiness (not smooth plastic) is a potential danger and allows these early stage nymphs to easily attach themselves. We have vacuumed the exterior several time as the folds in the creases allow opportunities to nest eggs.

    My questions for you are the following:
    (1) Should we be seeing excrement or blood spatters on the exterior; or white/purplish stuff when they have nested there.
    (2) Is this argument by our current exterminator valid; and if so, how do you respond to it being a good method of protecting humans from BB
    (3) is it advisable (to take off the covers) as suggested by our exterminator; wash the covers; have the mattress applied with poison; and box the box spring and mattress again with the Protect-A-Bed.

    Thank you for responding to my post.

  2. paulaw0919

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Mon Jul 21 2008 21:44:12

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    In my opinion, no matter what the material of an encasement, if it is close to the host (which it is) if you have bed bugs they will go to it in order to be close to their feeding source. The idea of the encasement I think is:
    1) to lock any missed live bugs and eggs inside so they cannot get out.
    2) less nooks and crannies for them to hide on the outside and make it easier to see the bugs and treat if needed.
    Go to and click on their bed bug section. It explains and shows in detail of what bed bug excrement looks like on an infested encasement. It seems logical that you would be able to see the excrement easier than a non encased mattress. If you do have bed bugs...I would think a person would rather be able to see the signs more easily and not have them hiding in floor molding or in wood flooring where signs would be little.

    Ask your PCO if he/she knows of Richard Cooper and if he/she agrees with Coopers views as a bed bug specialist/entomologist. He's very well respected in the field. There's a lot of factual information on that website that can help you get to a happy medium with your PCO in conversation.

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