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Professional Opinions: bugs and bites after second treatment

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Aug 27 2013 8:50:30

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    So, I finally thought my nightmare was coming to a close, guess not.

    Short summary: neighbor had bugs, I started getting bit, same PCO who did the neighbor came and did my apartment. He did not confirm bedbugs visually before treating. Neighbor had had two treatments before I started treating, neighbor got his last bites about two days after his second treatment. I've talked to him recently, hasn't been bit or seen anything.

    Second treatment was last Tuesday. Two days after that treatment, I was going to remove the climbups from my bed once and for all and I found a dead bedbug in one of them. I then found fecal and a cast skin in the corner of my bedroom where the bed touches the wall (the bed has been isolated since before the first treatment). So I have confirmed I had bedbugs, I thought maybe it was just the one left, it had cast it's skin then died in the ClimbUp.

    Last night, I realized the box spring wasn't properly sitting on the bed frame. I took the mattress off the bed and set it on the floor for a total of two minutes while I rearranged the encased box spring. Then I put everything back the way it was, the bed is still isolated. I woke up with three bites on my arms (exactly like before, one on the hand, wrist, and elbow. These have reacted the same way the previous bites did).

    Experts: what's my next step? I've gone through two treatments from a PCO who seems to have eliminated a much bigger infestation from the apartment next door. I'm thinking of removing the ClimbUps as I feel they've deterred the bugs from actually coming out of hiding during the treatment periods as I've seen this has happened for some on this forum. The only thing I can think of is somehow the bed isn't fully isolated or bugs crawled onto the mattress while it was on the floor for two minutes. Regardless of isolation I just want them gone.

    If I call the PCO and he offers to come and treat again, is this futile? I don't want to start an endless cycle. Also both me and my girlfriend will be out of town this weekend, should I pick up an active monitor and try to draw them out of hiding?

    Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated. This is really starting to depress me.

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