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Professional opinion wanted, please.

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Mon Oct 29 2018 20:02:22

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    Bit of a back story: new neighbours moved in Sept 2017. In Oct 2017 I found one lone bed bug, wandering on top of my duvet. Exterminator came to inspect and chalked it up to a hitchhiker. From that point I was on high alert which I THINK helped.

    It wasn’t until July 2018 that I found another one. (Timeline and details at bottom of this post) At that point my landlord hard informed me that there was an infestation next door (that they moved in with). Again, exterminator was out and was told no sign of infestation, but was treated as a preventative.

    Few more bugs, few more sprays, and inspections... and multiple nervous breakdowns. Each inspection came back as negative. The neighbours were treated 7(!!!) times and at the time of me moving, were still finding live bugs.

    October 2018, I moved. Threw out most of my bedroom stuff, encased the mattress, new platform bed frame with climb ups, DE at the legs of my new dresser, tables, etc. I haven’t even LOOKED at the bags in my basement, or even fully unpacked. Just the very bare minimum for now. I’m too scared.

    It’s been 29 days. No bugs. Lots of hives, lots of checking - perhaps a little too much, but not one single bug found. I’ve had a few questionable marks on my neck and chin but nothing compared to the bites I was getting before. One mark had a mosquitoe like swelling for about an hour and went down to a little red bump. I have sensitive skin and really hope that the skin irritations are just stress or the new environment.

    I am planning on having a K9 out within a week or two, if I’m still not finding anything just for peace of mind.

    While I realize it’s impossible to be absolutely certain at this point - what are the chances I was able to escape the hell? 29 days and counting...

    Thanks in advance!

    July 15
    July 25
    Aug 21
    Sept 19

    Bugs found:
    Oct 17, 2017 Adult
    July 12 Adult
    July 22 Nymph
    Aug 15 Nymph
    Aug 20 Adult
    Sept 13 Adult (Orkin found, I didn’t see it)

    Aug 7 - leg
    Aug 18 - arm
    Aug 25 - chest
    Sept 6 - hip, neck, pinky

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