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Preventing Bed Bugs at College - and Back Home

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  1. Nervous BugHunter

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Oct 21 2017 19:49:03

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    Hello. I've posted here a few times for bug IDs that so far, fortunately, have been false alarms. I'm anxious when coming home from a trip, etc. and now as our child prepares to go off to college and live in a dorm, I'd like to take some proactive steps to hopefully prevent or nip any incidents in the bud --
    and, especially, to avoid having any creatures travel back home with her.

    I will definitely check out preventive products on this site, but your words of wisdom would be great too. What have you done that has been helpful for your student and for your own peace of mind?Thanks a lot!

  2. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Oct 24 2017 23:43:25

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    My son is in an army barracks, and I use a heater (packtite type) on his stuff when he comes home. Tough call on what's too cautious or not cautious enough.

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