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Prepping - If I inspect clothing items, can I avoid having to wash everything?

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  1. worriedinsf

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Mon May 27 2019 16:56:51

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    I'm drying most of the clothing around my bed. (They don't need washing so I assume the heat of the dryer is enough.) But do I really need to do each and every item. When it's very visually clear that the item is bed bug/egg free? Inspecting every seam, pocket, lining, etc, it's obvious the item hasn't been tainted. Do I still need to toss them in the dryer too? Trying to save at least a few more delicate items that will otherwise get shredded from the heat tumble.


  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Mon May 27 2019 19:28:17

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    Put them in a mesh bag and treat on low.

    It's worth heat treating all clothing so that you know that it is no longer a variable. Second guessing yourself sucks.

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