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Prepping for treatment and moving out

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  1. lyvli

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu May 5 2016 20:58:39

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    Hello, apologies for the extremely long post.

    First and foremost, I recently found out that we had bed bugs in my apartment. We've had an inspection, it was determined to be a light infestation, and treatment begins on Monday. I'm panicking over this because we only have 4 days to go, and my roommates haven't finished prepping. We have one illegal tenant who is extremely uncooperative. She had somewhat moved out of our apartment, but she has left some of her stuff behind due to limited space at her new place. We don't know what to do with her stuff since she has way too much stuff to be packed and she will be upset if we decluttered for her. We have to clear it out for her, though, at this rate because the closet needs to be cleared the day of treatment.

    Second, our treatment plan is chemical. It begins on Monday, and there will be two other treatments afterwards every 10 days. We're not sure what to do with our belongings that we can't launder like electronics and books, and we can't afford a packtite (we're broke college students..). The instructions have said that anything we can't launder must be placed in a plastic bag in the middle of the room along with our laundered items. My roommates are freaking out on how to clean our belongings, since we want to keep them but we're not sure if they have bed bugs on them. Any advice on this? We probably won't do anything about the items until Monday when we get a chance to ask the PCOs, but any tips would be good.

    Third, I have made the horrible mistake of giving my sister a bag from my room (the infested one) to take back home. I'm freaking out since I realized that I might have given her bed bugs. I had just gotten the bag 2-3 days before, so I have some slight doubts that there are eggs or bugs on it. To be safe, I am going to ask her to bag it and throw it away. Is there anything else I should tell her?

    Fourth, our lease is ending at the end of the month, although we have negotiated to stay an extra week or so for treatment. This is the thing I'm most concerned about, since I have to move back home as soon as treatment is done due to family circumstances. I don't want to bring any bed bugs back because someone has a compromised immune system. I have bought vacuum bags to store all my clothing and linens, and bagged the vacuum-packed ones that couldn't fit into a bin in a trash bag (I have dried everything on high heat for at least 60 minutes, but washed some in warm water. Everything was bagged directly from the dryer). I plan on washing and drying everything again before I step foot back into my apartment, and I will have a outfit prepared to change into leaving my old apartment and into the new one. I also don't plan on opening up my belongings until 2-3 months has passed. Is there anything else I should be doing to prevent me from bringing bed bugs back home?

    Thanks for reading till the end, and sorry for the long post. First time dealing with bed bugs and very sleep deprived.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat May 7 2016 0:59:07

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    You have to ask the PMP about what they plan for the infested items in bags, post-first treatment. See this FAQ (Preparing for bed bug treatment: should I put everything in bags?) to help you consider the issues and what to ask.

    You can treat infested non-washables using DDVP strips in a sealed bag. You want an airtight seal. It's not very expensive. See the useful tools page for more info on DDVP.

    This may help with the bag which was sent home, the ones the PMP has you bag without treatment, and the items you're moving. Simply bagging for 2-3 months alone is not necessarily going to kill bed bugs and eggs inside. Depending on their age and whether they've fed, bed bugs can live for a while.

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