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Prepping for storage and move

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  1. AshamedandScratching

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Tue Aug 9 2011 9:20:46

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    I am planning to leave my apartment at the end of treatment. Hoping to stay until it's finished.

    In the meantime, I'm packtiting everything into ziplocks and packing Ziplocks on the floor into plastic containers. And eventually things on the shelves into plastic, too.

    Should I tape the ziplocks shut?

    Is it okay to leave the plastic storage container open and then inspect and sanitize the container and bag before sealing?

    I have been opening my ziplock and adding things to it. Is this okay?

    The area I set my packtite up in was vacuumed. I trusted the heat would drive things away. However when they sprayed and dusted yesterday, they didn't do that area. Can I trust heat and vacuuming to be enough to allow me to feel comfortable packing my work wear?

    Any suggestion and cautions when inspecting the big ziplocks?

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