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Prepping for a dog inspection

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  1. rb1991

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Aug 3 2017 7:52:02

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    Hey everyone! I've lurking this site for about a week, after we discovered one live bed bug on our couch. Following the discovery, we vacuumed, washed all clothing out in the open and stored in plastic bags, washed the floors, placed a few sticky traps and sprayed with a bed bug spray from Home Depot (from Ortho).

    We only sprayed with the Ortho spray because we found the bed bug on a Friday evening and our building's management office was closed. Our superintendent also didn't answer to multiple texts and calls throughout the weekend, in which we asked for guidance, so we felt like we needed to do something because we often have children (our nieces/nephew) or people who are in contact with children in our apartment, and we didn't want to run the risk of spreading anything.

    Before spraying, we didn't find any signs and still haven't after spraying. Our building management finally stepped in on Monday, and they have an inspector with a dog coming tomorrow (Friday) morning.

    The prep sheet is pretty standard, but I'm worried about a stipulation that says they won't look at the apartment if its been sprayed with insecticides or pesticides within the last 30 days. We called our management company, as we're not dealing with the exterminator directly ourselves, and they told us we are fine. A family member who is also a building manager says we are also fine.

    I'm worried that the Ortho spray will hurt the dog or skew our results. But we cannot wait a whole month for an inspection (which is required by law after we report to our management company), since the whole building is also going through the process because of us. Our building is also already sprayed once a month for bugs, and the exterminator sprays every apartment.

    Can someone help alleviate my worries? We're cleaning down the apartment with warm water tonight (as it says to in our prep sheet), and I really don't want to get yelled at by an exterminator when I've had to rearrange my work schedule to be present for this.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Aug 4 2017 1:46:30

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    I'm worried that the Ortho spray will hurt the dog or skew our results.

    That seems possible. If they say they won't inspect if you've applied a pesticide within 30 days, and you have, then I don't think anyone here can reasonably say it doesn't matter just ignore that.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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