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    Posted 5 years ago
    Sat Apr 5 2014 21:26:04

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    Last Friday morning, I woke up with a small cluster of bites on my back (5 maybe?). I immediately searched and tore apart everything. I cant find any evidence of bugs at all. The next night my boyfriend finds a single bed bug (adult - recently fed... on me obviously!).

    We bag the bug and it is confirmed by PCO. PCO cannot find any evidence. So we pay for K-9 to see if we can find any blood suckers. K-9 lightly indicates on the sofa, and indicates on the headboard. Still no evidence! He says the dog could pick up on the smell of the single bug that has already moved on. Could have been the same bug we caught. PCO asks what we want to do. I am opting to go for chemical treatment even without any further evidence. I don't want to wait around to see if we get a full blown infestation!

    So, how many times can a single bug bite in one night? Does 5 bites indicate more than one bug? or is 5 reasonable for a single bug? its been 8 days and not another bite since and still no signs.

    I have practically packed up and laundered everything in the house. Question is, non-fabric items, like books, toys, d├ęcor, etc... can I put those back in place after initial treatment? I assume I put back in place and if any suckers were hiding, the residual chemicals should kill the bugs right? do I need to pack all that up again for the second treatment? its a hell of a lot of work and I will just leave the stuff packed if I have to do it again!

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