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    I am 36 weeks pregnant and we have/had something in our house. We are not sure what it is but are obviously motivated to get rid of it ASAP. We went to the beach about a month ago and not long after that my husband noticed bites all over his body. He can’t really remember but he doesn’t think it was a problem until after we came home. For at least a week or so after he started noticing the bites, which were mainly on his chest, arms, and back, I didn’t detect anything on myself. Then, I slowly started seeing bites on myself as well, but generally fewer and smaller. I wondered if I didn’t react the same way. A similarity between our bites is that they both tended to develop a white “pussy” center like a pimple. Mine do not really itch but his do. There wasn’t a clear pattern to them on my husband, but the few that I have gotten tend to be two or three within a few inches, not necessarily in a line.

    So we assumed we were dealing with bedbugs brought back from our trip, even though the only evidence we could find was one casing of something that was found in the bassinet beside our bed. I saved it for a few days but he ended up throwing it out or else I would post a picture. I remember looking at it and assuming it was a bedbug but since then, I have begun to question that because I don’t remember it having the distinct shape of a bedbug. Anyway, we went into a frenzy trying to take care of the issue ourselves, heating up each of our bedrooms individually with a heater, washing all of our laundry, steaming our furniture and most of our belongings, buying an encasement for the mattress, putting the traps under the bedposts (which have caught nothing), and dusting diatomaceous earth around. He then felt comfortable sleeping in our bed, but I wasn’t quite ready for it yet, so I began sleeping on the downstairs couch. His bites definitely subsided though I am not positive that he was not getting any new ones. In fact, today he has two spots on his nose (pimples or bites??). I continued to have a few here and there on my body, as well as two “pimple/bite” type things on my face – one appeared the other day on my nose, while the other appeared this morning on my forehead. Since I have been pregnant, I have had extremely clear skin so this seems unusual.

    We decided to call a PCP, who quoted around $2000 to treat the house professionally for bedbugs (no inspection). We rent from a leasing agency so we figured we should let them know about the treatment. They said they have a contract with a PCP, and that an inspection and any necessary treatment would be taken care of by them, as opposed to us paying out of pocket. Someone came out two days in a row (the second time at our insistence) and said they found absolutely no evidence of bedbugs. Our landlord will not pay for the treatment unless it is actually recommended, so we are now at the point where we have to decide if we will pay out of pocket for something at least one PCP has told us is not necessary. Since then, I’ve started to wonder if we’re dealing with a different bug, or if it is possible that we made a big enough dent in the bedbug problem with our own “treatments” that there is now no discernible evidence, despite that the fact that I know I have had bites appear since we attempted our own methods of getting rid of them (or could they be delayed reactions??).

    It might make sense to wait it out a little but I am afraid if there’s still something left in our house, we won’t know again until it’s a fullblown infestation and we have a newborn in the home. In our recent attempts to track down our own evidence, we have found a couple things that don’t seem to add up. First is a number of very tiny tannish color bugs inside our nightstand and crawling on some books in the bedroom as well as on some books on a hallway shelf near the bedroom. This was a 3am finding that resulted in the panicked decision of simply throwing out all the books and furniture they were found on out of fear that they were bed bug nymphs. Therefore, they were not saved and I do not have pictures. Since then, I’ve done some research and wonder about booklice, which doesn’t seem like it could explain our bite problem but maybe that is something we have in addition. The second was a few shed skins/live carpet beetles. I am so positive that’s what those are after lots of internet research it’s not even necessary to post a picture. I am confused as to whether finding a few carpet beetles in the home is normal or could be a sign of an infestation that is the cause of the “bites” that we are having. I know they can cause allergic reactions that may appear like bites. But would they really be attacking us during the night, under the covers? Also, how would these all of the sudden be a problem for us if they’re not necessarily something we brought in from the outside? Seems strange to have so many “bites” all at once in the course of a couple weeks if these have been present in our home.

    The other guess is fleas. We do not have a pet and have not had any animals in our home in over a year. But could we have gotten them from our hotel room or rental car if an animal had been in there previously? Then there’s sand fleas. We definitely did bring back some unlaundered towels from the beach in our luggage. But we didn’t notice anything noticeable in terms of bites while were actually at the beach, which seems unusual because from what I’ve heard they tend to bite around the feet while you’re walking on the sand. However, the appearance of what we found in the nightstand would be consistent with sand fleas.

    Not sure what to do next. I guess we have several options: do nothing and hope whatever it was continues to die down (as I mentioned before, seems risky with the baby coming), shell out the cash for a bedbug treatment even if we’re not sure that’s what it is, ask for another inspection and mention our thoughts on other potential options, or continue to look for our own evidence until we feel like we have some direction…. Any insight is appreciated!

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