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Posting this for therapeutic reasons

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  1. Freakedthebugout

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Aug 3 2018 7:43:25

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    I'm writing this post in the hopes that I'll feel some relief. It all started 10 years ago while studying abroad in Rome. A classmate down the hall found "them"in her room and of course the mattress ended up outside my room at the end of the hall. The week my mom and sister came to visit me I was waking up with bites. Thank god my mom was there clean while I was in class and do laundry after they bug bombed my room. I was a mess! After that I always checked beds whenever I stayed in a hotel but really viewed them as an international problem.
    Fast forward...Almost 2 years ago my husband and I went to Atlantic City. I checked the mattress didn't see anything and didn't think too much of brining my suitcase upstairs to unpack when we got home. That same week we got new carpet, and my husband brought me a vintage record and a padded stool from a flea market. My husband also commutes and despite my asking him to change Bc of his NYC germs I would still find him and his bag on our couch when I came home. Then I found out we were pregnant! 😊 2 weeks later I started waking up with bites and then hubby did too. I was freaked out Zika virus, and the health of my baby, it was awful. The exterminator came and I was hysterical. We had them. We wound up moving in with my mom and dad, spending tons of money on treatment a protection plan and at the laundromat, washing everything we owned. I didn't tell anyone at work about our problem which was hard Bc they are like family in a lot of ways. IT was isolating and exhausting. The only silver lining in all of this is that I got to spend time with my mom who was suffering from cancer. Really seeing her pain in those weeks made her passing a few months later much more bearable.

    It was an awful experience Bc of everything it was tied to and Having them changed my entire life! My husband changes as soon as he come in from work. I change if I try on clothes, if we go to a restaurant or doctors office, I worry about my son at daycare picking up one, . When people come over my house I spray alcohol where they sit, our house has Bins and plastic bags, I get nervous when I have to have a meeting in someone else's office. I think about them all the time.
    My sister and her family moved into my childhood home shortly after my mom passed and after going away on vacation they found them. We got rechecked and were fine luckily. Nearly a year later my sister is dealing with it AGAIN. My brother in law has NOT been careful despite working at a job where they are a risk.! She asked me if her 2 kids and newborn can come stay one night Bc of the chemicals and other treatments they need to do (ps they also have bats too apparently which is way worse). I told her if it was after the heat fine but not before it. I feel like a crappy sister but I can't put my baby and my husband at risk.
    I'm making everyone who is been at at my sisters/dad's house get checked and told my aunt Bc she had been there that she needs a dog check.
    Ironically we were cleared 3 weeks ago after a 3 day vacation and after the visual inspection at my dad's he came up negative. (Just goes to show that dogs are the best detection)
    Now that's it's been confirmed again at my childhood home and my old bedroom in fact I'm waiting for the dog to come again his morning. I go to therapy to help deal with the loss of my mom anyway But don't think people realize the constant paranoia. (P.s. What do I do after coming home from therapy...I change and put everything in the wash of course) I feel like I'm living in a secret word and think about those people who just live carefree, taking vacations without worrying or coming home from shopping and not washing their clothes before they wear them. It's isolating and awful and I'm hoping talking to the expert this morning when he comes will help. Im worried if neighbors I have become close with see the car outside they won't want our kids to play. I also think about the people who have them and do not even know. We have no visible signs or bites and again the dog was here 3 weeks ago but I'm still freaked.


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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Aug 3 2018 10:18:11

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    You said your sister has bats... please consider having her consult an entomologist- read my story- after going through hell we found out we didn’t have bed bugs- we had bats and had a hidden bat colony in our dormers. They will never go away until the bats are taken care of no matter how many heat treatments and chemical treatments. Make sure they aren’t bat bugs- it’s been hell for me and I can relate in your paranoia. People who don’t go through it do not understand. Good luck and I can empathize with you for sure! Lou on here was very helpful in identifying bat bugs. Don’t assume they are bed bugs- they look almost identical.

  3. mcsmcs

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Aug 4 2018 10:34:52

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    Second lou/ bat bugs. We have had bats and bat bugs for years at my apartment. Lou idd one maybe 5/6 years ago. I was young and stupid and ignored it because I was afraid my landlord would think it was a bed bug and retaliate ad I didn't think they could be a problem. We had what was identified as bed bugs due to getting bites and finding a nymph in the summer fall of 2016 and went through treatments. Began seeing them and getting bites again this spring and they were identified as bat bugs by Lou and by our smart pest control people. We only found a nymph last time so wasn't clear what it was. I am beginning to suspect we've had bat bugs all along, especially because we never found the harborage last time and one adult was seen but not caught in the bathroom. All this to say I am not an expert but if you catch another one it would definitely be worth showing any adults to Lou. If they get the bat bugs and the bats removed it may be that it won't occur again..

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