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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Nov 14 2010 16:06:33

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    hi everyone,

    well, my contents were vikaned by Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists LLC, who went out of their way to meet me late at night in Queens (I drove 8 hours for this). Moving Right Along stored my car for 48 hours and I want to report that unfortunately some of their workers are pretty sexist, calling me a "punta" (if you don't know what that means in English, you can google it) for being pretty thorough when I picked my car up (which had a flat from a nail I'm assuming in their yard since I had driven it 8 hours without incident). They apparently had no idea short white chick speaks Spanish. Anyway, I then drove back to Buffalo and had a scent canine dog from Town and Country Pest in Rochester sniff out my new place and the fumigated contents and was given the all clear. The dog handler seemed very knowledgeable and he did a visual inspection first.

    It has been one week in our new place and I am sadly reporting some kind of allergy that wakes me up itching in the middle of the night at times. I have new small itchy bumps on my shoulders, stomach and up and down my spine still itches. One of the bumps appeared three days after I felt something itchy in bed in the same spot. I wake up itching at that time---4 or 5 am. I would think it's psychological but a few days later I'll have a spot. I did find out from the dog handler that in my last place I also had carpet beetles (I had a specimen with me as I was wondering what the additional bugs were). I am wondering if I still have them or they are in my new place. I am hoping to god the dog is right. Can they be wrong? I have been crying for 24 hours. I can't move again. But I'm not sleeping. The next move if they followed is total scorched earth. I wouldn't go through vikane 8 hours away again, though I am warrantied. Besides which it won't treat my apartment, and I have to stop spreading this vile plague. I have junked and crushed my car and won't get another one until I am in the clear. The buck stops here, I guess even if I lose everything. I would just need to find a friend to take me in.

    As a side note, it was intense being in NYC, bed bug capital. All the signs, we even saw an exterminator shop, a post it on a fence advertising another exterminator and signs on the train about prevention. Then being at my parent's house listening to the radio, story after story on bed bugs. Freakin' out of control. I was petrified of infesting my parents but I don't think I did.

    Anyway, I've decided I'm done. Either because they are gone, or I will abandon my things (although doing this with a partner and pets may prove impossible) and am pretty friggin' depressed. Two years with these things. I won't make one more effort to fight them. $10,000 at least lost to them, plus all of my furniture. If they are still around, they win. It hurts my brain to think of them one more minute.

    Bedbugger professionals--please keep doing the work to end this epidemic.


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