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    Posted 2 months ago
    Fri Mar 8 2019 14:27:30

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    I am now 2 months past my last treatment, (3 spaced two weeks apart and one follow up almost a month later just in case) but remain skeptical. We initially discovered a couch infested with every stage of BB’s as well as all the signs like shed skins, etc. and after confirming with an inspection by a PCO, immediately removed couch and burned it. None of the other couches/chairs in that room had any signs at all. After that, the only other signs we EVER saw in ANY room were the actual bugs themselves, and that only occasionally. We do not seem to react to the bites, so we couldn’t use that as an indicator. The last time we saw any bug, it was the day before our third treatment, 11 weeks ago, and it was a nymph-pretty sure stage one. (We did capture it and show it to the tech the next day to confirm). This brings me to now, and my continued paranoia, which I realize seems to be pretty normal! Since we have white mattress and box spring encasements, it’s easy to check for fecal spotting, etc. But again—we never saw that prior to treatment anywhere except the one couch. So while I am not seeing any fecal spotting whatsoever, I have found four single spots, on the box spring (top side next to mattress) and outside edge. These spots look like dried blood, as if maybe a bug was squished, but no carcass. The fourth spot is new in the past couple of weeks (prior three I found at the same time), more light brownish in color, but looks suspiciously like the shape of a bed bug. All of this to ask-is it possible to still have these bed bugs and NOT see fecal spotting on my sheets/encasements or shed skins? After all this time I would expect to see something. We did have confirmed sightings of BBs in our bedrooms before (and during) treatment, just never any signs. So since I didn’t have signs before in my bedroom-why would I now? And, just to confirm, there were no signs seen by PCO during any of the treatments, not even a dead bug. In case it matters, in the middle of all this we also discovered carpet beetles, which we have seen again post treatment.
    Thanks so much in advance!

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