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Post-travel Luggage Paranoia

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  1. bitemelady

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Dec 30 2016 15:48:17

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    There were bedbugs in my apartment in July; after weeks of treatment, in August I was 'cleared' by a beagle. However, I just traveled for the holidays and have since returned. I haven't touched my suitcase because I am too freaked out. It was a new one that I bought after throwing out two in July--just in case.

    1. Should I throw away this suitcase, just to be sure? It is a hardshell case; I thought that might help deter visitors. I did buy the Zapbugg heater--should I try to heat it in there? I am scared that there might be a bug in/on the oven and by taking it out then I might re-infest my apartment.

    2. Should I wash all things in my suitcase over again even though I just washed them before packing them back up?

    3. I used to store my suitcase under my bed (because I live in a studio), but now where should I store it? I still have the box that it came in, should I store it there? Should I store it in a big black contractor bag?

    I think I am stressed about other things.. and therefore, my PTSD/paranoia is acting up, but I feel totally locked up and terrified to even go near my luggage. I haven't unpacked it at all.

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Dec 30 2016 16:49:33

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    Just traveling should not cause such a reaction; slow down, think about the lack of evidence and carry on with life.

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