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Possible fecal id on mesh bed rail

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  1. KeepingALevelHead

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Sun Jul 28 2019 17:34:55

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    Hi- I got my son a mesh bed rain and it had a bunch of black spots on it. One of them you can see is washed in. The other is a black spot that would not wash. Unfortunately, I cannot get it more zoomed in because the mesh material is proving impossible to photograph. I am looking for whether or not I should use this on my son's bed (is it dirt or something suspect?)
    Thank you!
    First spot (it's 2/3 down on the mid-left) before smearing
    1st spot after smearing
    2nd spot (you can see it's been smeared around)

  2. Mawiwala

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Mon Jul 29 2019 2:25:13

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    Nothing makes me suspect bed Bugs here. Too pale and not enough. Most likely not insect related.

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