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Possible exposure and Monitoring

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Dec 2 2010 7:00:41

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    I was recently cleared by a K9 and then had to travel the next day. I inspected my room the best I could by looking behind removable headboard and in mattress seems. I could not lift the mattresses myself to check the box spring. I kept all my luggage, purse and shoes in the bathtub, although I did not bag them. The next morning the guest in the room next to me woke up with bites. Management checked her room and mine and did not find anything, however, my inspection was more thorough than theirs. I bagged my luggage and treated in hot dryer when I returned home. I did have some items in my car which I did not bag, but did run through the dryer the next day. Now I'm concerned that I may have been exposed. I'm experiencing pimple like bumps on my arms that itch briefly before the bump surfaces. I also found a tiny black dot on my sheets which did not react to peroxide.

    I have passive monitors in place on all my beds and so far they have been clear. Does anyone have an opinion or advice if it is possible I could have brought anything home? I can't imagine that with my somewhat diligent prevention tactics that I could have, but very paranoid as I went through 3 months of worrying before the K9 and promised myself I would move on once cleared, but having a hard time doing so now that I had another potential exposure.

    Any advice/opinions would be appreciated.

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