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Possible Exposure - Am I On The Right Track?

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    I've been reading LOTS of posts on the forums here, as well as stuff on David Cain's company's website, etc. I still have a few questions and was hoping the community here (and maybe even a few of the experts, like David Cain, David James and P Bello) could help me to know if I am on the right track?

    My husband and I have potentially been exposed to BB's on vacation.

    Then, while on a trip, we may have been exposed to BB's at a B&B/Inn. We took the precautions that we knew to take at the time, but after reading, I am aware of things we should have done better.

    Our main concern is that our car may be harboring bugs (that BB's may have hitched a ride on our luggage to our car). We tried to take precautions (vacuuming our car, vacuuming or drying our bags, drying our clothes, etc). But we just don't have peace of mind on this yet. There are still a lot of items in the possibly-infested car that were on vacation with us (most in plastic bags).

    The possibly-infested car must be driven each day Mon-Fri, but can be left alone on weekends.

    I am planning to get some Passive Monitors (the Packtite passive seems like a great idea). My plan was to get one for the bed, one for the couch we sit on most often, and at least one for the car that we think was exposed (possibly one for the "clean" car, as well? this is going to get pricey!) If we have them in our car, they should eventually come out of hiding and attack the driver, yes? Even if all of the bugs might currently be hiding in the trunk? I think I've got the hang of where the passive monitors would go on the bed, the couch and in the car. Perhaps the creator of the Packtite Passives could give me some thoughts on this?

    I'm trying to figure out if the Bed Bug Beacon would be helpful to us at all. Most of the stuff that is in the possibly-infected car is wrapped in some sort of plastic bag. However, we have a bunch of larger/awkward/outdoor items that my husband either refused to bag or we couldn't bag due to size or shape. Those items (such as life jackets, kayak paddles, beach umbrella, beach chairs, etc) are in the trunk.

    Since someone is driving the car Mon-Fri, would putting a Bed Bug Beacon in the car be at all fruitful? Where would we put it, since someone is driving it? The trunk? The back seat? The front seat? Can we put the Bed Bug Beacon in a small box, to keep it from tipping over while driving?

    Should we leave the items in the car in the plastic bags? I was thinking we should, since we have to continue to drive the car - and then figure out how to treat the's pricey, but we have been thinking about getting a Packtite...

    We come home from work and immediately put our clothes in the dryer for a minimum of 40 minutes on high (we threw a thermometer in there after a few minutes the other day and the dryer seems to get plenty hot enough). We spray shoes down with rubbing alcohol, as well as the floor after we disrobe by the dryer.

    Is there anything else we should be doing?

    We have looked for signs of BB's on/in/around our bed and have so far come up clear. My husband has checked the couch a bit (but it is a dark, dark blue and black couch - again, hindsight is 20/20 - and it's a bit hard to tell).

    We think we're clear at home here...we're mostly concerned about the car. But we are paranoid about both, I guess. I would appreciate any thoughts any of you have on whether we're on the right track or if there are other things we should be doing.

    Thank you all for all of the help you provide people here, and for sharing your expertise. And for answering questions. We don't even know yet, but this has greatly affected our vacation (wasn't very restful and was quite stressful, thinking of what we may have been exposed to), and our life since our return. I'm already feeling like I'm going a bit crazy. I really appreciate your help!

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